The project Online/Offline addresses the conflicting existence of our online and offline identities. People often become absorbed in their social media identity and the way they will be perceived by others in the digital age. By constantly curating appearances online, people become less present in real life and end up disillusioned when they meet people offline.

Online/Offline is made up of three parts: a scarf, an accordion book, and a jacket. The scarf is patterned in Facebook notifications and programmed to expand and contract with an Arduino Servo Motor, symbolizing the suffocating effect of constantly awaiting likes and comments from others. The book and jacket use student’s Instagram photos from a twelve month period of time, patterned with size determined by number of likes the photo received. From the Instagram photos collected, we inferred statements about each student based on the first impression their profiles give off. These objects pose the question of whether viewers would feel comfortable with their social media presence being given a permanence in the 3D world. 

This project was created In collaboration with Joske Rombout and Britt Duppen whom I met while completing a residency at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands.